Phoenix Institute of Desert Agriculture (PHIDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the utilization of desert agriculture technology. Founded in 2011, PHIDA is dedicated to bringing innovative agricultural solutions to parts of the world that need it most. Changes in population, climate, and land usage affect the manner in which the world feeds itself. Arid regions, for obvious reasons, can pose difficult problems for global food security. PHIDA provides solutions to these problems, focusing its mission on regions that have been devastated by years of war, famine, drought, and other disasters.


Education is at the heart of any long-term success. Wherever problems related to desert agriculture exist, PHIDA’s first step always focuses on education. This allows PHIDA to provide sustainable solutions; the building blocks for food security and economic revitalization.



Sharing Desert Farming Techniques

By sharing modern desert farming techniques, PHIDA aims to enhance the food security and economic position of rural communities.
Technology. Shared.


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Promoting Food Security

The United States should promote global food security to help solve important national problems and prevent conflicts abroad.
Goodwill. Diplomacy.


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Creating Cultural Exchanges

Often cultural misunderstanding leads to war and strife. PHIDA uses food as a cultural ambassador to connect with people.
Global. Culture.


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